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Five unstructured and unrepentant ruminations on art, vision, signs, symbols, graphic depiction and photographic imagery.


The Montibon Company consists of Roy, his partner Julie Tumblety and a small set of hand-
picked associates. Roy and Julie left their eighth-floor loft in the Old Bank District of Downtown Los Angeles in 2006 and relocated to Las Vegas, New Mexico. There, they purchased a beautiful red-brick church to serve as their live/work studio, plua an historic, (circa 1865), stone mercantile building in the Old Town district. They founded Royal Mastodon Society, an art and event space operated out of the building's two large studios.

Roy at the Pecos River Julie at Las Vegas Motorcycle Rally

Roy and Julie share a love for early music, contemporary art, stray cats, classic literature, independent film, thoughtful design, history, great cities, architecture and wild places.

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Top Left: Roy Montibon
Upper Pecos River Canyon

Bottom Left: Julie Tumblety
Plaza Park, Las Vegas, New Mexico